From concept through to finished product we aim for a truly luxurious product that does not harm you or the environment. This ethos underpins all we do, whether we are making our limited edition bespoke blends, white label products or our core popular candles.

We are inspired by our environment and what our customers tell us they like, and this feedback has resulted in a few of our best sellers.

We have put together some info based on our commonly asked questions, and are happy to receive 

Are the candles Eco-friendly?
Our candles are made with as eco-friendly products as possible which includes plant wax, and essential oils or a blend of fragrance and essential oils.

How do I burn the candle correctly?

  1. To get the best from your candle, on the first burn allow the candle to burn until there is a full (or nearly full) melt pool. This will help the candle to burn evenly on subsequent burns.
  2. It helps to trim the wick between burns (just the end that has burnt)
  3. Do not burn the candle or longer than 4 hours and the smaller the candle, burn for less time.
  4. Keep the candle away from draught and anything that may be a fire hazard.

Can they be recycled?
We encourage people to recycle jars and all our packaging is from recycled materials and is recyclable.

Do you do gift packaging?
We are happy to provide a gift bag on request, and often have bespoke or seasonal gift packaging.

What if I have allergies/allergic reaction?
Just as some plants or flowers can cause a reaction to some people, some fragrances may also cause reactions in people or pets.

Safety Data Sheets
Safety Data Sheets are available or get in touch with any questions.