About Us

Green Shed produces ethically made luxury candles and home fragrance products.

Founder Sarah is a self-confessed evangelical candle maker, in that she aims to produce not only ethically made products but ones that are luxurious and cost effective.

Green Shed is so named as Sarah bought a shed specifically for candle making, having outgrown the constraints of her kitchen or more specifically her family’s patience in the area becoming more workshop-like every week.

It wasn't long before this was outgrown and a recent move to a workshop has made manufacturing much more efficient. This also allows room for new product development, with more choice and stock.

Having decided to make candles as ethically as possible Sarah began making with soy wax and essential oils as well as a fragrance oil blend that was within the ethical remit.

The switch has been made away from soy now as it is no longer sustainable and Sarah has been experimenting with other plant waxes.

Settling on the one she now uses has taken some months of trial and error but Sarah could not be more pleased with it.

As well as its ethical considerations it produces great candles and importantly for customers, they have a great scent and burn time.

Green Shed has a core fragrance range and some of these are bespoke blends, and this is Sarah’s passion so we will be developing these unique blends further for 2023.